Review:9/11 Wars by Jason Burke


This is yet another book documenting the aftermath of 9/11 across the globe. Author begins the telling with the destruction of the Buddhas of Bamiyan, and the machinations which led to it. Unlike many other similar books, this one has chapter-names with some relevance to the real world, rather than just esoteric lines. The execution of 9/11 and the resulting bombardment of Afghanistan, along with an overview of al-Qaeda and Taliban is what will make this book equally worthy for beginners. In Iraq, the perpetrated lies and falsehoods led to billions of dollars of wastage, ruined landscape, and lost lives. And it still continues to reel in the fight between ISIS and occupying forces. Burke writes about how the U.S. war on Iraq turned into a sectarian war between Sunni and Shia, and totally changed the path of the outcome. The attacks of London, Madrid, Bali, Paris riots, Libyan war, Kashmir unrest, are briefly covered.

The book ends with Ali Shah, who was in Bamiyan around the time time of the destruction of Buddhas, who had covered the route through Afghanistan-Iran-Turkey-Greece-Italy-France. And he was desperate for a chance of entry into the UK.

A good read for an overview of what happened and how it transpired, without getting too stuck in the details or politics of it all.


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