Review: Byculla to Bangkok by Hussain Zaidi

Following the first book, Dongri to Dubaithe author continues the saga of the sordid underworld gangsters in this one. Unlike the first one, which majorly focused on Dawood Ibrahim, he focuses on Maharashtrian boys and men, who made it big. However, Dawood, Memon and others were Maharashtrians too. Maybe the author means that those whose mother-tongue is Marathi.

It tells you the stories of Ashwin Naik, DK Rao, Chhota Rajan, Santosh Shetty, Subhash Singh Thakur, Arun Gawli and many others. If you havce read the first one, you may skip the second one because it is repetitive in many chapters, just adding few details here and there. However, if you find yourself suddenly in midst of an obsession with the underworld stories, then pick this up too. You won’t be utterly dejected.

Author’s use of word “extremely” is too liberal to be taken seriously – a gangster is termed “extremely smart”, some other as “extremely dangerous”, someone else as “extremely something“. It seems these gangsters have appointed themselves as the highest-order humans in the author’s mind.

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